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International Kindness Movement

The International Kindness Movement intends to provide a concrete response to the value crisis in our society, based on solid scientific foundations as well as social and existential concepts.

Indeed, it has been shown that values such as kindness, optimism, forgiveness, gratitude and happiness generate a high biological, vital, emotional, mental, social and spiritual impact, directly affecting our DNA and telomeres, the indicators of well-being and longevity.

This gave rise to a new interpretation of the theory of evolution, which states that it is not the strongest but the kindest to survive, as an inner change is reflected in the quality of relationships and social processes.

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Italia Gentile (Kind Italy)

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Banca Italia, the Meyer University Hospital and many others have already joined the movement. 

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We are a company that works through social projects applying the My Life Design® method, with the aim of getting straight to the heart of the people and bringing about, through sharing and action, a radical social transformation.

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