The Projects of the Movement

The international movement was inspired by Daniel Lumera, a bestselling author and international reference in the sciences of well-being and quality of life, and Immaculata de Vivo, a Harvard scientist and one of the world’s leading experts in molecular epidemiology, cancer genetics and the study of telomeres.

Values such as kindness, optimism, forgiveness, gratitude and happiness have been shown to have a high biological, vital, emotional, mental, social and spiritual impact, directly influencing our DNA and telomeres, indicators of well-being and longevity.

The movement is therefore a worldwide network to spread kindness and related values in the social fabric and promote its application through the 6 ‘pillars of well-being’: happy relationships, nutrition, meditation, physical movement, music and contact with nature.

The main projects

Festival Italia Gentile (Kind Italy) in Florence

The ‘Festival dell’Italia gentile’ is an annual event with parallel events throughout the week. Its aim is to raise awareness and disseminate reflections and knowledge on values, thanks to the participation of scientists, artists, philosophers, politicians, institutional personalities and experts from various sectors, in order to interpret kindness in the various spheres of everyday life.

More than 29,000 people have taken part in the festival in two years, 142 international guests through 53 public events. Over 1,000 children were involved in schools.

Educating towards awareness

Projects in schools | Over 6,000 students involved in the Biology of Values

Kindness as an integrated approach to care, health and well-being

The Careggi University Hospital

Over 6,000 people involved.

The project Liberi Dentro (Free Within)

In line with the principles of My Life Design®, we want to be promoters of a new paradigm of justice: a conscious justice that allows both those who have suffered harm and those who have caused it, to re-elaborate their experience in a process of authentic healing that leads to real change.

First Level Master's Degree "Kindness in the relationship and care with patients in pediatric age" organised by the Meyer Paediatric Hospital in Florence together with the University of Florence-NEUROFARBA Department.

The first Master’s Degree Course on “Kindness in the relationship and care with patients in pediatric age”, a unique initiative of its kind in Italy in post-graduate training organised by the Meyer Paediatric Hospital in Florence together with the University of Florence – NEUROFARBA Department, kicked off on 25 February in Florence.


Active social projects in the area

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